Friday, December 30, 2011

TPT Sale

What I thought would be a nice leisurely week of planning quickly disappeared and instead I've been working my other job and have neglected all of the ideas that have been running through my head. My loss is your gain...

Since my TPT store is lacking many of the materials I was hoping to add this week... I'm offering a 20% off sale for the few things that are there.

Here is a brief look at the adorable pre-primer alphabet trains... set includes all 39 Dolch pre-primer words (a-you) and would be great for a variety of work work activities (alphabetizing, ordering based on number of letters) or for support on a word wall.


So if your students need additional work with tallies (up to 49) or you're working on pre-primer sight words, head over to my TPT store and add something new to your classroom repertoire.

In the meantime, I'll be outfit planning for next week.... any special outfits planned for the first day back (or am I the only one that does that)? I bought an amazing orange/red skirt from LOFT yesterday that just screams 2012. Excuse the terrible quality picture.... how would you style this to wear in the classroom?



  1. Hi Jenna - I bought your dolch train unit on TpT. I would like to create a recording sheet. ANy chance you can send me the graphics? Thanks in advance - Connie

  2. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for purchasing my unit! Unfortunately I can't send you the graphics because I bought them for personal use and I don't want to violate the terms of use. I was planning to add a recording sheet of some sort to the activity and would be more than willing to make one you can use. In what way were you planning to use the trains/what kind of worksheet would you like to see?

  3. I like for the kids to have some way of documenting what they did. Usually I like differentiated recording sheets 1 levl find and color the word-train, the other could be blank trains where the kids write a letter on each car to recreate the word (so the recording sheets would be specific to lets say 10 words of varying length. Multiple sheets for different word groups - make sense?)
    If you feel comfortable, you could tell me where you got the clipart and I could purchase it myself. Let me know what you think. Connie (

  4. I added a brief worksheet to the unit on TPT (you can re-download for free), I'm not sure if you saw it. Unfortunately the set didn't come with a blank train! I specify where the art comes from on each unit (I think that one is from Lettering Delights).