Monday, January 16, 2012


Despite having only 6 students in my class, I have two students with January birthdays... this Saturday and next Monday. For the second year now (since I looped with 4 of my students), I am stressed with how to schedule their celebrations and how to keep it exciting with two so close together! When will I ever find the time to teach writing, science, social studies and math?!

I had lofty goals of creating a collection of birthday themed centers, but where has the time gone and why do I have nothing to show for it?

How do you all celebrate student birthdays in your class? Do you have a school standard that you follow or something specific to your classroom? I'd love to hear all about it.

As much as I loved the three day weekend, I am so excited to be back tomorrow and teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. using D. Conway's Math and Literacy Centers. You can check out this unit or others at her blog: Peace, Love and Learning.

Rather than start on the aforementioned centers, I'm going to blowdry my hair and paint my left hand (the right hand is already dry... love being a leftie) before the Bachelor starts in 30 minutes. This show is a train wreck and I just can't turn away (though I will admit.... I enjoy watching The Bachelorette much more, for obvious reasons).


  1. SO glad to have a bloggy friend who watches The Bachelor too!!! I agree, total train wreck! I can't stop watching..HA!

    Loving & Learning in Pre-K

    1. I felt guilty even admitting that I watch it publicly! I was so excited for there to be a contestant with my name, but after the first episode I almost wished she'd gone home sooner.

      Any favorites yet?