Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dolch pre-primer train success!

Admittedly I already posted about my Dolch pre-primer alphabet trains, but I was lucky enough to be able to actually use them in my classroom today (well actually just the 6 of them that are this week's Words to Learn).

Let me take a step back and explain my class for a second. At my school teachers usually have the opportunity to loop with their class (teach them for two consecutive years) and last year I jumped at the opportunity to keep my Kindergartners for First Grade. Last year I only had 4 students (we are a 6:1:1 ratio), but this year I was blessed with two little newbies. My two girls from last year learn sight words quickly, but some of the others struggle so I decided to use this resource from Evan-Moor to expose them to 6 or 7 sight words every two weeks.

I have a variety of activities the students complete on the SmartBoard to reinforce skills as well as a storyboard format they fill out (drawing pictures of the words and writing them correctly spelled) and put in their study books. Even with all of this, they needed more practice and exposure! So that's where my pre-primer sight word trains come in. Today I gave them a variety of letter sets (after completing our typical activities) and they went to work spelling away and acting out some of our words (jump, play and run are three of this week's words).

Look how focused they are!

I'm glad they were such a hit... even with the girls!

The work day was great (no surprise there), but as I left it took a turn for the worse.... subway trouble turned into being late for an appt, which meant I had to be rescheduled. To cheer myself up... I perused Banana Republic's early spring collection again. As usual, I love it and want one of everything, but I think this polka dot pencil skirt is next on my list!


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  4. Hey girl! This comment is in response to your question on my blog.... :) I actually just figured out how to make the unit preview. Do you create your units in Power Point? I know this works in PP, but not sure about Word.

    When you are saving your unit, click Save As, choose the drop down menu and click JPEG format. Then, open a new document, click Insert picture (or wherever your unit JPEG is saved), and add the slides. You can rearrange them how you like them.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions about this.

    Loving & Learning in Pre-K